Below are some of the artists and comics that appeared at events around the country for Black Comic Book Day 2011!!!

Artwork by N Steven Harris and Mshindo I. Kuumba

N Steven Harris
Appeared in NYC
Book on the Hue-Man rack


Artist and co-creator of DC's Aztek: The Ultimate Man, penciller of numerous Marvel and DC titles such as Deadpool Annual '98, Batman and THE FRINGE; and artist of AJALA:  A SERIES OF ADVENTURES, about a 13 year old Harlem teen who happens to be a secret agent in training for a Harlem based secret society. Mr. Harris also teaches in various schools through arts organizations.

Alex Simmons
Appeared in NYC
Book on the Hue-Man rack


Creator of the acclaimed BLACKJACK: BLOOD AND HONOR graphic novel, and winner of the 2010 Glyph Best Writer Award for his work on The CARTOON LIFE OF CHUCK CLAYTON for Archie Comics;

Ray Billingsley
Appeared in NYC
Book on the Hue-Man rack


Ray Billingsley is an acclaimed award-winning African-American cartoonist with an impressive 41-year (and counting) career. Over the years, he has done a variety of projects, involving advertising, storyboards, greeting cards, magazine layouts and covers, tee designs, novelty design, graphic posters and a full comic book for the Path system.  Ray was also a regular contributor to Ebony magazine from 1978 to 2007.  He literally grew up in the industry and began regularly selling cartoon art at age 12. He attended Music and Art High School at a time when cartooning for Blacks was unheard of, and attended the School of Visual Arts on a full four-year scholarship. Upon graduating, he went to work at Disney, training to be an animator. A few months later, at the age of 22, he landed his first syndicated comic strip, "Lookin' Fine."

Ray also worked for humor magazines, like the now defunct classic The National Lampoon and Crazy Magazine.  His second strip, CURTIS, was an instant hit and widely received and is publicly credited for opening the doors for many others.  It consistently places high on popularity rating charts and is published in 250+ newspapers worldwide and has an estimated daily readership of 34 million. There are two books, "A BOY NAEMED CURTIS" and "LIVING ON SPONGECAKE," the first in a series of volumes.


Andre Batts
Appeared in NYC
Book on the Hue-Man rack

Editor of Urban Style Comics and creator/artist for Dreadlocks.  Andre’s primary task was to educate from a different perspective and bring forth an urban comic book hero who, although blind, would stand as a leader. His work is filled with imagery that reflects the urban cities across America’s ghettos in a positive manner, minus all the negativity that swarms us daily. Dreadlocks follows an ancient order of Egypt known as Ma’at which means truth, order and righteousness.

Mama's Boyz: The Big Picture

Jerry Craft
Appeared in NYC
Book on the Hue-Man rack

Creator of the award-winning  Mama’s Boyz comic strip, distributed by King Features Syndicate since 1995. One of the few syndicated African-American cartoonists, he has published 3 books, Mama's Boyz: As American as Sweet Potato Pie!,  Mama’s Boyz: Home Schoolin’, and Mama’s Boyz: The Big Picture (S’Indie Award Winner for best children’s book). Jerry has also illustrated comic books, board games, and 6 children’s books.

Harlem Shadow

Brian Mark Williams
Book on the Hue-Man rack

The Harlem Shadow - Birth of the Cool
Born at the tail end of the Harlem Renaissance, The Harlem Shadow is the first official Black paranormal crime-fighter that hit the streets of New York around 1929-1930. He was known for his scary appearance, his vicious hand to hand combat skills and his mastery of two lethal revolvers, used to maim and disarm his enemies but never kill. In 1950 as a result of the Black Mask Act… Harlem Shadow was hunted down by New York City Police, lynch mob style, and unmasked. His name was Linden Somerset, a school teacher and librarian, and he served a twenty year jail sentence at Alcatraz Island. This is his story.

Black Comix

Rob Taylor
Creator and Writer/Superhuman Works

Appeared in NYC

Books on the Hue-Man rack
Night Jak #1 and Ghost Fighter

CHICAGO, The windy City. A city being rebuilt to represent itself as a shining beacon for the rest of the world to follow has been taken over by mad street gangs, hi-tech mobsters and super powered villains wanting to make a name for themselves.

Billionaire Thomas Knight of "Knight Technologies" is shot in the back when a gang war breaks out in the downtown area and is crippled in its wake. Shaun Knight (his son) uses his marine training-with a little help from an Asian corporate thief named Michael Yu. With an underground state of the art base of operations-together they stand to fight against the war on crime.

triboro tales

Keith Miller
Appeared in NYC
Book on the Hue-Man rack


Keith is a middle school English Language Arts teacher within the New York City Department of Education and a former civil law attorney with The Legal Aid Society. Keith is the co-founder of RatRonin Studios and co-creator of Tri-boro Tales. Like every aspiring commercial writer he has written a few screenplays, one of which, Love’s No Fool, placed in the quarterfinalist of Fade In magazine's Screenwriter’s award.
M city defender

Omar Bilal
Book on the Hue-Man rack

Webmaster, Museum of Black Superheroes Founded in 1997, the Museum of Black Superheroes is an online archive and discussion site focusing on ethnic images in comics. The site features a mix of well-known characters from the mainstream as well as lesser-known characters that may or may not be published. Bilal resides in Bowie, Maryland and is also a full-time graphic designer and artist.

Black Comix

Robert Garrett
Appeared in NYC
Books on Hue-Man rack

Writer/ creator of AJALA:  A SERIES OF ADVENTURES, about a 13 year old Harlem teen who happens to be a secret agent in training for a Harlem based secret society. His other books include INHERITORS and GALTOW.

Black Comix

Damian Duffy and John Jennings
Appeared at Chicago Event #2

Authors of the art book Black Comix: African American Independent Comics Art & Culture, will be signing and speaking at Afri-Ware Books, 266 W. Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60302, from 6-8 p.m. and

Future Funk

Turtel Onli
Appear at Chicago Event #1

A creative artist whose career has touched upon a variety of disciplines. He has been an art therapist, educator, and illustrator. He has also distinguished himself in painting, drawing, illustration, publishing, fashion, and multimedia production. The father of the "Black Age of Comics," his credits include "Malcolm-10" and "Nog is Back."


Professor William Foster
Appeared at the Hue-Man Event

A noted historian whoI has long studied the portrayals of race in comic books, both historically and in contemporary comics. His new book, Dreaming of a Face Like Ours, was recently published by Fine Tooth Press.

“The premise of my book is to continue sharing the un-told history of Black comics. Whenever I make a presentation on the topic, I still meet people who never knew Black comics existed,” Foster said. “That's a shame.”

Reginald Hudlin is the director of the hit comedies House Party, Boomerang and The Ladies Man, and the writer of Marvel Comics’ Black Panther animated series, which is now on DVD from Shout! Factory.


Butch Berry
Comic on the Hue-Man Rack

Butch Berry is creative consultant and writes and illustrates "the Adventures of Dangerman: Urban Superhero" for Roger Tinsley and the Dangerman Education Foundation, Inc..  Butch is a writer-cartoonist-producer, who has produced animation for the Emmy award-winning children’s TV series “The Kinderman Show,” on WMAR-TV2 Baltimore. His blog, “Butch Berry Stuff” ( is where the Dangerman strip can be read and has received a “Best Art“award from the Black Web Awards. 


Reggie Hudlin
Appeared at the L.A. event
Feb 23rd in Los Angeles
at Golden Apple Comics 6-9 pm

Reginald Hudlin is the director of the hit comedies House Party, Boomerang and The Ladies Man, and the writer of Marvel Comics’ Black Panther animated series, which is now on DVD from Shout! Factory.

Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson is a nationally syndicated political cartoonist and illustrator. Winner of the NNPA Wilbert T. Holloway Award for Best Editorial Cartoon, in 2008, 2009. Member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ-CC) and the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC). Currently researching and documenting the contribution of African American cartoonists on the Web site, “A Salute to the Pioneering Cartoonists of Color.”

Kids Comic Con onyx con
Black Age


Kids's Comic Con - Alex Simmons (Bronx, NY)

ONYXCON - Joseph Wheeler III (Atlanta, GA)

ECBACC - (East Coast Black Age of Comic Convvention) Yumy Odom (Philadelphia, PA)

BLACK AGE - Turtel Onli (Chicago, IL)



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