Free Websites to Create Your Own Comics

The process of writing a comic book is similar to writing a novel. At times it’s daunting though fun, tiring but rewarding; often all of these at once. Creating own comics involves a lot of procrastination mixed up with a tiny bit of hard non-stop writing and drawing. Though, what to do if your drawing is not at the required level? It used to be a problem in the old days but not anymore. Advanced modern technologies allow comic writers to perform most of the creative process online. There are numerous free websites that encourage aspiring comic writers to follow their dreams. The best thing about such websites is that you are no longer limited by your artistic skills. Check out our list of top four free websites for creating comics. is the easiest platform to use for anyone who values their own time and comic ideas over artistry and pretty drawings. The website offers a number of pre-set templates and characters each with a few expressions to pick. Though the options are rather limited, creating a page here can take less than 10 minutes. This way you don't have to think "should I do my homework or draw another page?" You can have time to do both! Of course, there is always professional academic help for those who need it. Just don’t forget to check the speedypaper review page first. Though with young comic authors no longer have to choose between homework and time-consuming outlining of their first drafts.

Write Comics

Write Comics works on the same principle as the The platform allows us to pick characters and backgrounds from the extensive in-house library. Once you are satisfied with your choice you can draw a speech bubble to each character and type what they got to say. The platform offers quite a funky cartoonish design and simple but classic layout. The website is super easy to use. It doesn’t require any registration. Just open it up and start creating! Even the youngest of writers can use this website after their homework is done.

Strip Generator

Unlike the previous websites, Strip Generator is pretty minimalistic. The platform design is black and white with a focus on dialogues rather than a background. There are not many opportunities for developing your own style. Though it doesn’t mean you can’t demonstrate your creativity there with the themed galleries offered to your choosing. The unique advantage of the website is the ability to adjust the frames and save those you'd prefer to use once again in the future.


Pixton is, perhaps, the most advanced and artistic platform for comic creation on this list. Pixton is unique in terms of a big variety of customization options along with a large library of backgrounds, characters, and layouts. Pixton even allows us to create a character from scratch. This website can help you to create a fuller vision of your future book and share it with others.

To Sum up

Just like any writing, comic book creation can take a lot of effort and time. Fortunately, these days there are plenty of online services that are glad to help you with the technical (artistry) part of the process. Try out our recommendations to discover the one that fits your needs best and don’t forget to have fun! Good luck!