Top Marvel Comics 2020

Who does not know Spider-Man, IronMan, or Ant-Man? Everybody knows these comic characters, and they are all well-loved as well. For many years, Marvel has been releasing film after film, comic series, shows, magazines, and so much more. And all of these become a hit worldwide. It is a household name popular among the young, teens, and even adults. And for 2020, Marvel has released a comic series that people fall in love with once again. Having these bring back memories but can also be a source of entertainment, fun, and relaxation. For the fans, it is their comfort to finally read a new series from Marvel.

Top Marvel Comics in 2020


This comic is written by Dennis Hallum, and the graphics are done by Sana Tekada. This is one of the most awaited episodes by Marvel comic fans because of the great adventure story that it has.

2. 2020 IRONHEART #1

Being the first-ever issue, this comic by Marvel is one of the sought after by collectors and fans all over the world. Written by Vita Ayala and Dany Lore, this episode was released last May 2020.


Students who are Hawkeye fans have been waiting for this comic for a long time. This 2020, their wish has been granted. The phenomenal story of Hawkeye and his involvement with other Marvel characters make him one of the premier superheroes that every generation wants.

4. 2020 IRONHEART #2

Following the 1st ever episode of Ironheart, this one has been released immediately on June 17, 2020, so that avid fans will no wait for so long and can have a glimpse of the extraordinary story by Vita Ayala.

5. ANT-MAN #5

This is one of the much-anticipated Ant-Man episodes due to the father and daughter duo in the story. From the front page till the last, graphics are superb and this is due to the talented skills of Eduard Petrovich.


The return of Valkyrie to Asgard is one of the main highlights that fans have been waiting for in this episode. The epic comeback has been long-awaited by readers because of the twists and turns that happen in the story.
For Marvel Comics readers, they always see to it that when a new episode comes out, they will be updated. The work of the writers and graphic designers are extraordinary; that is why they are on top of the comic industry, and more people love their works.
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